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Kwak Family Medicine has received NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home 2014 Level III Recognition."Recognition shows that Kwak Family Medicine has the tools, systems and resources to provide its patients with the right care, at the right time," said NCQA President Margaret E. O'Kane
2301 Evesham Rd. Suite 505 Voorhees, NJ 08043
856.873.3266 (Korean)
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What our patients say?
“우리남편 빌의 전립선 암을 발견하기위해 닥터 곽이 보험회사를 설득시켜서 태스트를 했고 빌은 암을 초기에 치료하게 됬어요. 닥터 곽은 저의 부부의 은인이에요.”
“닥터 곽을 사랑합니다. 그는 저의 영웅입니다.”
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